Saturday, 6 May 2017

Grimes and Let It Die (PS4)

Okay, I understand your disappointment that the first post on my non-videogames blog in half a year is about a videogame, but I promise there'll be another one soon. Ish. I hope. Anyway, this is just a thing I've noticed, and I posted about it on a forum ages ago, and it seems like no-one else has said anything about it on the internet as far as I can tell, so I might as well put this post out there for prosperity.

The "it" in question is, of course, the many aesthetic parallels and similarities between the music video for the song Kill V. Maim by Grimes, and the videogame Let it Die: abandoned, dirty subway stations and industrial-looking areas, makeshift weaponry, people wearing breathing masks, and generally a casual attitude towards death and violence are objects and themes the two works share.

Kill V. Maim came out first, on the fourth of March 2016, with Let it Die being released almost exactly nine months later on the third of December. I think the similarities are probably coincidental though, as Let it Die famously had a very long development time. Plus, Grimes herself has apparently said that the video was supposed to be like a trailer for an imaginary movie that's like The Godfather, except with a vampire protagonist who can switch gender and travel tthrough space, which is exactly the kind of shameless disregard for traditional narrative and setting that I can respect.

One last thing, the vehicle shot near the start of Kill V. Maim really brings to mind Zoot's police car/chariot from the first season of the New Zealand teen apocalysoap The Tribe:

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